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Satish Lele

This is a program for Skill Development and Bridging the Gap between Manual and Computer work. I offer Training of Basic Fundamentals and How to Use my Software to a batch of 5 to 10 people in your office. This can speed up Drawing work using my own Software, compared to conventional methods. This is a package, which can run on any CAD program and is very simple and easy to use. The package is given FREE of CHARGE to the company.

I have developed Packages for Chemical Piping and Equipments. Packages for Chemical Piping and Equipments can be used for Design and Drawings in any CAD program for
Piping Isometrics.
P & I Diagrams.
3D Piping Scale Models.
2D Pipe Routings.
3D Piping Scale Models and Detailed Engineering Drawings that can be produced are:
I. Equipment Layout
II. Piping General Arrangement
III. Isometrics drawings for all pipelines of all sizes
IV. Bulk Material Take Off (MTO), Intermediate MTO and final MTO
V. Nozzle Orientation
VI. Drawing list
VII. Line list
VIII. Pipe Support Layout
IX. Piping requisitions for special Items
X. Valve list

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